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Wind S.Valentine Experiment


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S.Valentine experiment


Wind, a leading telecommunications company in Italy, operates under the tagline “Sempre piú vicini” – “Close to you.” The company aimed to tackle the escalating problem of hyperconnectivity and its negative impact on personal relationships, especially evident on Valentine’s Day.

The main objective was to heighten awareness about the consequences of excessive smartphone usage on interpersonal relationships. The goal was to convey a powerful message urging individuals to prioritize authentic human connections over digital distractions, particularly on a day dedicated to love and intimacy.



The idea behind hosting a candid camera event on Valentine’s Day was to underscore the theme of being “close to you” both physically and emotionally. This concept stemmed from the observation that despite constant digital connectivity, individuals often prioritize their smartphones over quality time with loved ones. In collaboration with Cinema Anteo in Milan, we devised a plan to identify a couple excessively engaged with their phones upon entering the theatre to be the centre of our social experiment.



After identifying the couple, we surprised them with special tickets, granting exclusive access to the orange sofa. Before the movie screening, we presented the couple with a personalized film highlighting their disconnection due to smartphone usage. The film conveyed the message “less smartphones, more kisses” as a gentle reminder to prioritize genuine moments of affection.

To conclude the experience romantically, we projected the couple live onto the cinema screen inside a giant heart. The moment culminated with the couple sharing a heartfelt kiss, accompanied by the message “Happy Valentine’s Day from Wind. Close to you. Every Day.”

& Impact

The candid camera event sparked discussions online and offline about the importance of human connections in the digital era. The video gained widespread engagement on social media, extending the message’s reach.

The campaign prompted viewers to reflect on their digital habits and prioritize time with loved ones, deepening the connection between Wind and its audience. Beyond Valentine’s Day, it reminded people to balance digital engagement with genuine interaction, strengthening Wind’s brand image and inspiring intimacy in daily life.

This case study illustrates how creative storytelling can address societal issues and drive positive behavioral change. Through strategic planning, Wind effectively conveyed its commitment to meaningful connections, resonating with audiences under the tagline “Close to you.”

ART DIRECTOR: Davide Mancini
COPYWRITER: Sara Repossini
ECD: Giuseppe Mastromatteo
CCD: Marco Geranzani, Giordano Curreri
DIRECTOR: Fabio Jansen

AGENCY: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising – Milano