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Paybyrd, Europe’s leading personalized payment provider, reached out to upgrade its brand identity and website. The goal was to differentiate from competitors and develop a future-proof website that accurately reflects Paybyrd’s refreshed brand, stands out, and clearly communicates its product suite. The aim was to create a brand that accurately reflects Paybyrd’s innovative nature and a website that offers a seamless customer experience.

Paybyrd logo grid


The project began by conducting interviews with Paybyrd to understand their brand, goals, and target audience. The insights were used to rework Paybyrd’s brand purpose, vision, mission, values, and value proposition. The new brand personality reflects their straightforward, friendly, and knowledgeable character. The team then defined the target audiences and created web personas. The website’s UX was designed to be user-friendly and the content easily digestible for less tech-savvy audiences too. The site had to be customer-centric, differentiating Paybyrd from competitors.

paybyrd branding


The team designed a sleek, modern website that reflected Paybyrd’s brand personality. The website features clear, easy-to-understand content aimed to answer as many customer questions as possible and deliver a smooth onboarding experience. The value of Paybyrd’s payment platform is put into context with customer success stories. The design team used people-focused photography across the site to reflect Paybyrd’s customer-centric approach. The playful shapes reinforce Paybyrd’s soaring eagle logo and modern identity. The color gradients were rolled out on the site’s design and integrated into the content to keep visitors engaged and interested. The design rhythm plays with black, white, and purple backgrounds, emphasizing the concept of freedom and the eagle shape in the logo.

& Impact

A transformative rebranding that positions Paybyrd as a modern, customer-centric company. The brand’s new look captures Paybyrd’s innovative nature, differentiating it from similar tech-financials, and is backed by a brand compass and extensive guidelines. The website features an improved user experience (UX) that instantly lifts the online perception of the brand. The site’s new look and feel presents Paybyrd as the front-runner in personalized payment solutions. The products are displayed in an inspiring way and backed by customer success stories that prove their added value. The website successfully reflects Paybyrd’s refreshed brand and accurately communicates its product suite, reflecting its innovative nature, customer-centric approach, and commitment to ease of use of personalized payment solutions. Despite the time crunch, DPDK delivered the revamped brand on time for its big reveal at the Rock in Rio festival. Paybyrd is ready to take on the world and boast its new cutting-edge identity.

UI DESIGNER : Felipe Castro
CCO: Michael Vromans

AGENCY: DPDK – Rotterdam