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HK living

Creative Director

Website + ecommerce


To develop an updated website for HKliving that represents their renewed brand identity and improves their digital customer experience.


HKliving aimed to improve its online customer experience and establish a superior shopping experience that is faster and represents the brand’s renewed identity. The company’s target audience is diverse, consisting of interior designers, shopkeepers, retail buyers, supply chain planners, and others. To meet the different requirements of these groups, we created buyer personas, which helped us develop a site structure.


The challenge was to design a visually appealing and inspiring website that reflects HKliving’s design philosophy while being easy to navigate. We emphasized the importance of achieving the right balance between usability and aesthetics.

We incorporated horizontal scrolling to allow visitors to browse through the content or go straight to what they are looking for. We ensured that the content could be condensed or expanded so that visitors could quickly locate specific products or go through the entire catalog. We created various categories to organize HKliving’s products and collections in a logical structure, providing visitors with a platform where products could be quickly searched.

& Impact

We developed an advanced website with an integrated e-commerce store that serves as a source of inspiration and offers a seamless shopping experience for HKliving’s diverse target groups. The website has just been launched, and initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to seeing how the website will be received by HKliving’s customers. The HKliving website was designed to focus on functionality and design. We used a modern JavaScript framework to code the front-end of the site. Although we did not integrate any systems, data such as client information, payment details, product information, pricing, categories, and warehouse stock was extracted from multiple sources and integrated with the e-commerce store.

UI DESIGNER: Constantine Belias
CCO: Michael Vromans

AGENCY: DPDK – Rotterdam