Hermitage Amsterdam

Advertising integrated campaign, OOH, social, digital

For the first time in hundreds of years, the Dutch Masters return to their home country – The Netherlands.

Hermitage Museum Amsterdam

Art Director

Dutch Masters from the Hermitage


To promote the Dutch Masters exhibition in the Hermitage Amsterdam and attract visitors to see the masterpieces in person.


Rather than showcasing the greatest works of the exhibition on the streets and online, the campaign aimed to create curiosity and hype around the exhibition by not revealing the full picture of the works. The concept “you’ll only really see them at the Hermitage” was translated into an outdoor and online campaign including social films featuring well-known Dutch talents. A select group of national talents were asked to come and give their reaction to seeing the paintings, in real-life, for the first time, which were captured in campaign films. The creative team used enticing copy in the print and digital elements to further raise curiosity around the exhibition.


The campaign featured a unique approach of not showcasing the full picture of the Dutch Masters exhibition. The creative team used well-known Dutch talents to give their reaction to the paintings, but the camera didn’t show what they were looking at, thus creating an element of surprise and curiosity. The print and digital elements of the campaign featured enticing copy that partially revealed the genius of these Dutch Masters, creating further intrigue and interest in the exhibition.

& Impact

The campaign successfully created a buzz around the Dutch Masters exhibition at the Hermitage Amsterdam. By not revealing the full picture of the works, the campaign generated a sense of mystery and curiosity, which led to increased interest in the exhibition. The campaign films featuring well-known Dutch talents received high engagement on social media and helped to drive traffic to the exhibition. Overall, the campaign resulted in increased attendance at the exhibition, thereby achieving its objective of promoting the Dutch Masters exhibition in the Hermitage Amsterdam.

ART DIRECTOR: Davide Mancini, Paula Fernandes
SR. COPYWRITER: René van der Hoofd
ECD: Ben Hartman
ACCOUNT MANAGER: Melissa da Silva, Patricia van Elven
AGENCY PRODUCER: Daisy van Waveren
DIRECTOR: Blue ter Burg (Vidiboko)
PRODUCER: Tieka Masfar
MUSIC: Heliosphere, Jonathan Graham Barrett
EDIT: Wouter Koomen
SOUND: Eelco Jorissen
ONLINE: Danny Verduyn Lunel