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Celebrating firsts campaign
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Increase brand awareness among young wine enthusiasts for Firstleaf, a subscription-based wine club, through emotional storytelling and TV commercials. Establish a memorable and meaningful brand that resonates with the target audience.


For the TVC, the strategy was to use emotive storytelling to establish Firstleaf’s brand and build a deeper connection with their customers. The campaign celebrated the idea of first experiences and highlighted Firstleaf’s core values by telling the story of a young couple and their firsts. The creative team worked to ensure that the TVC reflected the brand’s values, beliefs, and personality.

For the brand, the strategy was to create a more contemporary and strong brand foundation that reflected Firstleaf’s values, beliefs, and personality. The creative team conducted research to understand the market, competition, and target audience. They developed two concepts, one to revolutionize the brand, and the other to evolve the existing brand. Firstleaf decided to go with the latter and fine-tuned their existing brand to create a more modern look and feel.


For the TVC, the creative team came up with a 30-second commercial that told the story of a young couple and their firsts. Each scene subtly showed wine glasses or a bottle, and reflected Firstleaf’s tagline, “A first in every box.” The commercial was relatable and highlighted Firstleaf’s values and beliefs.

For the brand refresh, the creative team focused on evolving Firstleaf’s existing brand. They made slight tweaks to the primary color palette to create more vibrant colors and connote playfulness. They also put together a font pairing for both digital and print assets. The team made the six-dot logomark bigger to stand out and represent Firstleaf’s algorithm and grapes, while keeping the ornamental illustrations on the wine boxes. Color, composition, and lighting principles were included in the brand guide to ensure consistency across touchpoints.

& Impact

Through the creation and promotion of two heart-touching commercials on several nationwide TV stations and social media, Firstleaf was able to establish its brand and create a meaningful connection with their customers. The TV commercials, as well as the brand refresh, resulted in the creation of a more modern and robust brand foundation that clearly conveys Firstleaf’s values, beliefs, and personality. The refreshed brand is expected to resonate with young wine enthusiasts, while maintaining iconic brand elements, helping Firstleaf to stand out in the market and build a stronger relationship with their target audience. Overall, the outcome and impact of the TV commercials and brand refresh have helped Firstleaf to establish and strengthen its brand and customer relationships.

COPYWRITER: Davide Mancini, Michael Vromans
DESIGNER : Felipe Castro
DIRECTOR: Jacobine van Hellemond
PRODUCER: Marty Keizer
CCO: Michael Vromans

AGENCY: DPDK – Rotterdam