Coca-Cola happiness cup

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Art Director

The cuica Coke


The objective of the “Happiness Cup” campaign was to leverage the excitement surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil to create a unique and memorable experience for Coca-Cola consumers. The goal was to celebrate the spirit of the World Cup by introducing an innovative product that not only served as a beverage container but also doubled as a musical instrument, enhancing the fan experience and fostering a sense of unity and joy among fans worldwide.



The strategy revolved around tapping into the cultural essence of Brazil, known for its rhythm, passion, and love for music, to create a connection with consumers. Coca-Cola aimed to infuse the World Cup experience with the vibrancy of Brazilian culture by introducing the Cuíca Coke, the world’s first paper cup that could be transformed into a musical instrument. By aligning with the spirit of celebration and unity associated with the World Cup, Coca-Cola sought to engage fans on a deeper level and enhance their overall enjoyment of the event.



The Cuíca Coke was introduced as a symbolic representation of the fusion between music and joy during the World Cup festivities. Designed to resemble a standard Coca-Cola cup, the Cuíca Coke featured a unique innovation: a straw attached to the bottom that, when vibrated, transformed the empty cup into a Cuíca, a traditional Brazilian instrument. This creative concept allowed fans to not only enjoy their favorite beverage but also actively participate in the celebration by creating music together, amplifying the sense of camaraderie and excitement surrounding the World Cup.


& Impact

The “Happiness Cup” campaign is anticipated to be a resounding success, with expected outcomes including widespread excitement and engagement among Coca-Cola consumers worldwide. By incorporating the Cuíca Coke into World Cup celebrations, Coca-Cola aims to capture the spirit of the event and unite fans from diverse backgrounds in a shared experience of joy and camaraderie. The innovative product design and creative storytelling are projected to enhance the brand’s image and reinforce Coca-Cola’s reputation as a company that fosters happiness and connection. The campaign’s anticipated impact extends beyond the World Cup, with expectations of leaving a lasting impression on consumers and demonstrating Coca-Cola’s commitment to innovation and cultural relevance.

ART DIRECTOR: Davide Mancini
COPYWRITER: Francesca Ranieri
MEDIA: activation