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American Express

Art Director

Amex & Alitalia


To create an out-of-home campaign for Amex and Alitalia credit card reward system to be displayed in Linate and Fiumicino airports that will increase brand awareness and encourage people to sign up for the Alitalia American Express card.


The strategy is to highlight the benefits of the Alitalia American Express card, such as extra miles and travel perks, while showcasing Alitalia’s most popular destinations. The campaign will use impactful and outstanding design with big typography, bright colors, and objects that integrate with the destination city. The message will be simple but clever and straightforward to grab people’s attention.


The campaign headline is “Where will your next purchase take you?” which is displayed with the visual answer of Alitalia’s destination written in big typography and with the insert of an object that looks like one letter of the destination city. For example, for Miami, the letter “M” will be substituted with a console joystick that has the same shape. The design is bold, colorful, and eye-catching to stand out in the busy airport environment.

& Impact

The campaign stands out for its unique and creative design, which successfully grabs people’s attention and creates interest in the Alitalia American Express card. Due to its success, the campaign was aired for over three years, increasing brand awareness and driving more sign-ups for the credit card reward system. The use of popular destinations and objects related to them in the design helps to create an emotional connection with the audience and promote the idea of traveling with Alitalia.

ART DIRECTOR: Davide Mancini
COPYWRITER: Sara Repossini
ECD: Giuseppe Mastromatteo

AGENCY: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising – Milano